Painting Ideas
Painting your home, whether you are painting the inside or outside, can be a big change. You want to make sure you choose the right kind of paint, color, as well as the painting company itself. There’s quite a bit to consider but before you begin anything, you’ll need some painting ideas to get your inspiration flowing! Putting a new coat of paint on the wall can spruce up any home, giving it a fresh new feeling. Painting your home is the ultimate facelift, it’s an opportunity to cover over any previous mistakes and give your home a different outlook.
Painting Ideas About Color
The color is one of the most important choices you can make. For the exterior of your home, you probably don’t want to go to bold. You want your home to stick out for the right reasons, not because you painted it neon orange. Neutral colors are the best choice to go with, though some pops of color are also good options. If you’re going to go with a bright color, complement it with crisp trim like white so the colors don’t clash but go well together.
For the interior of your home, you have more freedom. This is where your inner expression can come out and play! If you have a favorite color, there’s nothing stopping you from having a room that you feel most comfortable in. For a more modern feel, go with clean colors like black and white. For a vibrant feeling, you can go with brighter colors. If you want a room to feel airy and light, you’ll want to go towards the lighter end of the spectrum in pastels or pale colors.
Painting Ideas for Themes
If you want a room to have a theme, the walls can support this. For example, a nautical bathroom would like have either sandy colored walls or ocean blue walls to complement the theme. When choosing a color to match the theme, you don’t want something that’s going to clash or blend too much, you want something that can stand out and be pretty without being overpowering.
Painting Ideas For Rooms
Typically, it is good to choose warm colors for a den or dining room, white or light colors for a kitchen, and pastels for a bathroom and bedroom. However, this is up to you. It is your home and if you really want that orange kitchen, nothing can get in your way!  Email us today for a Free Estimate.